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Cheryl Sattler's Gallery

For Cheryl Sattler, everything starts with sheets of colored glass or the same glass crushed to varying degrees. The end result is magic. “Glassmaking isn’t a continuous process. I make a component and leave it to fire, while I go tend to something else – something that needs to be sandblasted, or polished, or ground – or shipped. Then I go back into the kiln room, pull a piece out of the cooled kiln, and clean it so it can go on to the next step. Once it’s dry, it either goes into another kiln or waits for kiln time. Even with 4 kilns, two very large, there are always scheduling issues. Thick pieces, for example, take a LONG time to fuse – they need to heat up slowly, and cool down even more slowly.”

“While I’ll take out a vase blank from the kiln when it’s still a couple hundred degrees, thick pieces don’t get touched until they are cold – the outside of the glass cools way before the center, and taking out this kind of glass too early can ruin a piece entirely. My methods are a constant juggling act.”

Cheryl experiments constantly and her studio is aptly named, “Imagine That! Glass”. The only limit is her imagination. She splits her time between making glass in her Quincy, Florida studio and providing her expertise in education policy to schools, districts, and national organizations.


Mermaid Vase Collection