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Christopher Matti's Gallery

The calming feeling of throwing pottery is what appeals to ceramicist Christopher Matti of Stoughton, WI. “Watching something handmade from nothing in a short amount of time,” says Matti, “is like watching a tree grow in high speed.” While kneading and throwing clay, Matti describes the pottery process as extremely relaxing, “My mind is at its clearest when that wheel is spinning.”

Christopher Matti specializes in the ancient Japanese firing technique called raku. The process entails removing the pottery from the kiln at peak temperature (1800F) and placing it in a pit of combustible materials, i.e. sawdust, leaves, or paper. The pottery will immediately ignite the materials causing a fire storm to surround and reduce the copper glaze. Finally the fire is put out by a covering and you allow the piece to cool. A surprise is revealed as the fire has completed its design on the surface.

Each piece of Matti’s raku is hand thrown and fired in this technique ensuring that every single piece is one of a kind.

Christopher Matti

Christopher Matti at work








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