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Darron Lillian's Gallery

Meet the Artist

Darron Lillian

I like to incorporate roads, power poles, signs, fences, houses and farm buildings to give scale and reference to the painting. The road, the tilled land with fence rows, trees, and bushes left to themselves are always fair game for a sketch. I search out common place scenes with an unusual twist of topography, color or detail and try to show the observer how interesting these landscapes really are.

I paint in full sunlight, which lets me see the form, shape, and volume of everything in its path. Also, the character of the sunlight comes through in my pastels as the time of year or the time of day whether the landscape is lit from low in the sky or directly overhead. Even the heat or cold; the wet or dry; the calm or wind of the weather conditions appear through to my drawings from my direct exposure to the conditions at the time.

The scenery and lighting change so fast that a quick method works best on location. I aim for balance between true to life rendering of the landscape and an expressionist sketch. I try to relay the essentials along with portraying specific details and even distractions that make the painting a recognizable snapshot of the place at a certain time.

Darron Lillian Art


Country Road

Plowed Road

Rural Homstead

Winter Highway