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10 AM - 5 PM

Village Court
890 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI
Phone: 262-780-1191
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Ed Janecek's Gallery

Janecek is a Tool and Die Maker and teaches manufacturing processes at a local technical college. His sculptures are mostly inspired by nature, machinery and anatomy. Janecek makes one piece at a time from materials that come from farm salvage yards. He uses hot processes to cut, bend, form and join different types of steel and cast iron. Some pieces are buffed with a wire wheel and protected with a clear finish and others are left to rust.

Inspired by nature and spirituality, Ed Janecek's sculptures are objects of art that provoke thought, inspire creation and perhaps leave questions to be answered.

When ferrous materials have outlived their usefulness as agricultural implements, structural members, and tools of industry, Ed gives them a new life as objects of art.