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Elm Grove, WI
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Fields & Fields Gallery

Meet the Artists

Fields and Fields

John and Heather Fields own their own glassblowing studio in Portland, Oregon. Both accomplished glassblowers, they combine their unique talents to create a harmony of style and form. From Arkansas and Virginia respectively, they met in Portland and began working together in 1995.

John’s work is a more painterly representation of nature. His floral landscapes and motifs are influenced by his admiration of Tiffany and long time immersion in stained glass. Heather draws from the natural world as well, but in a less literal way. She refines and reflects natural images by using organic patterns and luminous colors.


Because they shared a workspace, their individual ways of seeing things began to show the influence of one another’s work. A harmonious product line has emerged.

“We were more successful as a team than as individual studios,” states Heather. Thus their relationship evolved, creating Fields and Fields Blown Glass, as well as two wonderful children.










Green and Amber Vase

Monet Vase

Petro Vase