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Gallery Open Tuesday - Saturday 

10 AM - 5 PM

Village Court
890 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI
Phone: 262-780-1191
Map to gallery

Village Court
890 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI
Phone: 262-780-1191
Map to gallery

To make an appointment outside of gallery hours, please call.


River’s End Gallery Fine Art
Located In Elm Grove

Artists' Galleries by Category


Each artist, exhibited in the gallery, is selected through the most discerning process ensuring only the finest art is exhibited. Some of our artists’ works are depicted here on our site; however, not all works are available.

We have divided the art into three general categories. You will find examples of each followed by a pull-down listing of the artists in each category. Most artists have their own gallery page on this website.

Examples of 2-Dimensional Artwork

2 Dimension sample

2 Dimension sample
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William A. Schneider
"Roses and Kale"

2 Dimension sample
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Anthony Soskich
“Nature's Ecstasy”

2 Dimension Sample
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Rebecca Korth
“Goldfinch and Lion”

Examples of 3-Dimensional Artwork

3-D Artwork example

example of 3-d artwork
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Paul Willsea and Carol O’Brien
Art Glass

example of 3-d artwork
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"Crystalline Porcelain"

example of 3-d artwork
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Ron Zdroik
“Turned Wood”

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Richard Arfsten, metal sculpture
Bonnie Belt, sculpted ceramics
Steve Brewster, blown glass
Pat Casanova, blown glass
Dara Chappie, concrete & mosaic sculptures
Larry Cimaglio, fused glass
Jodi Clayton, One Lupine Fiber Arts, fused silk/wool garments
John Davis, raku
Joan Edelstein, silk scarves
Dale Eggert, etched, painted glass
Kathleen Eggert, enamel glass tile
John and Heather Fields, blown glass
Angela Foley, ceramic
Kevin Robert Gray, blown glass
Matthew Heindl, blown glass
Mark Hines, fused glass
Michael Hirschmann, blown glass
Mark Hodges, blown glass
Corey Hubbel, blown glass
Michael Imes, ceramics
Ed Janecek, metal sculpture
Ross Johnson, metal sculpture
Virgil Jones, blown glass
Jamie Kozlowski, Wizard of Clay, crystalline porcelain
Jim Loewer, blown glass
Pam Mattei, silk painted scarves
Christopher Matti, ceramics, raku
Monica McFarland, fabric purses
Caron Miller, silk, velvet scarves
Pat Mitchell, mosaic glass
Cody Nicely, blown glass
Colleen Ott, blown glass
Ryan Pederson, ceramic
Jon Price, crystalline porcelain
Jason Probstein, blown glass
John Rawlins, bronze sculpture
Mariette Rose, painted silk scarves
Mark Rosenbaum, blown glass
Cheryl Sattler, fused glass
Gary Schubert, ceramic sculpture
Jackson Schwartz, blown glass
Robinson Scott, blown glass
Shaja, crystalline porcelain
Corey Silverman and Horace Marlowe, C & H Glassworks, blown glass
Scott Simmons, blown glass
Barbara Simonson, giftware
Phyllis Toburen, sculptural enameling
Mark Wagar, blown glass
Dave Wanner, bronze sculpture
Michelle Weston, blown glass
Paul Willsea / Carol OBrien, blown glass
Cheryl Woodley, fused glass
Glenn Woods, crystalline porcelain
Ron Zdroik, turned wood vases & bowls
Examples of Jewelry Artwork


Click to zoom

Hydrangea Necklace

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Mediterranean Artists
"Roman Glass & Sterling Pendant"

exampleofjewelry Click to zoom

Sergio Gutierrez
Liquid Metal Bracelet

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Avant Garde Paris, silver, brass
Sally Jane Bolle, druse crystal
Beverly Brekke Bailey, glass, wire
Elaine Coyne, brass, stone
Bill Dickinson, glass, silver, gems
Karen Dickinson, beaded jewelry
Anna Draeger, beaded jewelry
Sergio Gutierrez, Liquid Metal Collection
Sybille Hamilton, polymer
Karen Hudson, beaded wire jewelry
Patti McIntire, Three Daughters beaded jewelry
Mediterranean Artists, silver, gold, Roman Glass, amber, mosaic
Margie Prema, semiprecious stones, silver, gold
Michael Michaud, jewelry, table art
Renaissance Glass, glass, silver
Silver Seasons, bronze, pearls, silver, stones
Jennifer Smith, pearl, beaded jewelry
Soni Imports, pearls, silver, stones, gems
Yair Stern, silver, opal rings
Martha Sullivan, silver rings
Tika Imports, butterfly wing earrings, pendants
Chris Wetzel, Three Daughters beaded Jewelry
Joelle Willkom, antique watch pendants
Linda Zaffke, Three Daughters beaded jewelry