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Jim Sanders' Gallery

Fused glass wall art and bowls

Jim Sanders didn't start out as a glass artist. In fact, "artist" is his third incarnation. Sanders began his working life as a forest ranger working for the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources. Some years later, he and his wife ran their own interior design business in Waukesha. When his wife died in 1993, Sanders was at loose ends. "I traveled a lot and did volunteer work at my church," he says.

A class at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, N.Y., put Sanders on a path toward creating art from glass. "I decided on a whim to take the class. It renewed my interest in something I had thought about years before," he says.

The class Sanders took was in glass blowing, but that skill did not turn out to be his strong suit. “I decided that it was not really for me," he says. "With glass blowing, you really only have one chance to make it perfect." But he was interested in the ancient art of fused glass, a technique for forming glass that has been heated in a kiln or oven at high temperatures. Sanders uses modem technology to create colorful layered glass designs using these early methods. "With fused glass, I create two or three-dimensional sculptures. It’s almost like painting with glass,” Sanders explains. “My projects begin as flat glass sheets and pieces that I grind to the shape I want. Then the glass goes into a kiln where it is melted and cooled,” he says. Pieces may return to the kiln several times to add depth, relief and shape. Lately, he has begun to incorporate stone into his work too, using it as a beginning for bowls and other items.

Sanders, a Milwaukee resident, creates most of his work on a commission basis, but also shows pieces in some regional art shows. Recently, he created a series of pieces for a client in Miami Beach, including wall hangings and glass panels for a door. "My next project is a commission from the Waukesha Business Improvement District to design and make a series of awards," he says.


Jim Sanders creates sculptures using the ancient art of fused glass.



Glass Panels for a door



Sedona Portal

Divided Moon Rising

Roberto's Moon II

Golden Stairs


The Farther I Go the Finer I Get

Sailer Take Warning

High Energy Circle

Golden Words

Roberto's Moon


Night Train annimated window scene

Black Star

Blue Line Express


Red at Heart

Red Line Express

Shaman's Dream

Warrior's Song

White Line Express

 Night Train by Sanders

Art to wow even the most sophisticated guest or client!

Night Train

You decide the mood from quiet, contemplative, almost mysterious to colorful, happy, and upbeat by adjusting the intensity of the lights.

Night Train was inspired by a boyhood memory of quiet night lit by only a touch of light hitting the cars of a passing train.


Doors by Sanders

Impress your clients with these most dramatic doors! They say more than just hello.

The doors are custom made for you. Each piece is custom tailored to its setting. The size and shape, even moderate color changes, are possible. The Installation is included.

The doors, pictured at the right, were commissioned by a couple in South Miami Beach. Each door is 3’ x 8’ with the glass-panel medallions measuring 22” x 46”. Each medallion is made of approximately 750 pieces of iridescent glass and weighs 33 pounds


The medallions are double mounted with high grade silicone adhesive and steal pins which allow the panels to more slightly cushion the occasional slam.

These durable doors will shanghai the imagination of your guests as they enter your boardroom, condo entrance, or any interior doorway.