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Elm Grove, WI
Phone: 262-780-1191
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Karen Hudson's Gallery

Karen Hudson is a bead artist who originally began working with stones for their medicinal purposes. She has always been fascinated by natural and organic materials. After mastering the elements of design, she incorporated her natural love of creativity into her earthy designs. When you wear her jewelry you are bringing the natural world into your wardrobe.

She particularly loves working with smoky quartz, turquoise and crystals. All of Karen’s jewelry is extraordinarily unique, and comments such as, “That’s so different”, or “I have never seen anything like that before”, are regular comments about her jewelry. Every piece she designs and makes is a part of her soul and will become part of yours as well. She teaches classes and has aspirations of publishing her own book.

Karen lives in Muskego, Wisconsin with her husband Mark and two children, Mallory and Jeremy.
Karen Hudson Work


Red Nested Beads with Black Leather Cord

Pink & Burgundy Nested Beads with Pink Leather Cord

Brown Agate necklace

Brown agate pendant with Dream charm

Green and purple twist

Green Labradorite with twist

Nested blue and green with agates

Nested blue beads with turquoise

Nested Brown Agate Medallion

Pink and clear swirled choker