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Phone: 262-780-1191
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Linda Krukar's Gallery

Watercolor and acrylic paintings

Painting is the life force that propels me through everyday tedium.  If I can create, all is well. Beauty, joy, pain, and horror inspire me to transform my emotions to color and composition….aspiring to evoke energy and emotional response in those who view my work.

Recent developments that allow me to get past the technical and thrive on the energy I wish to convey have made my desire to paint even stronger. Less is more. Fewer strokes with greater control and pure color allow the energy to flow.

My challenge is to maximize the force and mood in my work, to convey to the viewer, all that the simplest of things in life can provoke.

The opportunities in the development of my art career have been truly appreciated. Each accomplishment fuels my quest for the chance to bring art into my community, and, just as important, the community into my art.

The journey of learning to express emotion through painting is so much more rewarding than I ever imagined. Sharing the learning journey with others is even more rewarding.

Artist Biography


Can't Get Any Hotter

Eberts Garden

She's Got the World


Take Home a Bunch



You See What You Believe


Artist Biography

  Commercial Art MATC
  Watercolor workshop with Jan Kunz, Ted Minchin, Sue Archer, Carl Dalio

  1999 Business Person of the Year, Dousman Area Chamber of Commerce
  2002 YWCA Women of Distinction Artist Award
  2002 Wisconsin Regional Art Program, state award “Matty”, “Peppers”
  2002 Wisconsin Annual State Exhibit, WRAA award “Matty”
  2003 Wisconsin Regional Art Program, state award “ Batty”

  November, 2000 Harring Gallery, Hartland, Wisconsin
  May, 2001 YWCA Woman of Distinction banquet, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
  Cork Art House, Waukesha, Wisconsin
  Kawata Tree Gallery, Brookfield, Wisconsin
  Brian Becker Gallery, Hartland, Wisconsin
  Sprizzo’s, Waukesha Wisconsin
  James Store Gallery, Waukesha
  Mio Bella, Brookfield
  Rivers End, Waukesha, current

  The following titles are available in prints and note cards.
  Matty, Batty, Blue Tears, Sunflower, Hangin’ Around, Scarecrow, Dancers, Dog Days, Can’t Get Any Hotter, Pears, Best Friends, Peppers,
  Fall  Market Day, Midsummer Full Moon.

  2001 Lifestyle West

Other Professional Accomplishments
  Past President Dousman area Chamber of Commerce
  Member, Waukesha West End Artist Association
  Waukesha County Art Alliance, Marketing Consultant
  Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum, Exhibit Design,  Consultant
  Member, Waukesha Creative Art League
  2000, Mentor, Lad Lake, Dousman, Wisconsin
  2003, Volunteer, Donna Lexa Community Art Center
  2004,2005, Created series of paintings for Bemis Manufacturing, sold at
   The Home Depot and Menards on household items. Also sold in Europe
   and Mexico
  Past member, AC Art Association
  Member, League of Milwaukee Artists


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