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Meredith Kuntzsch's Gallery

Meredith Kuntzsch was born in Midland, MI.  She received her B.A. from Michigan State University in 1989.  Immediately after graduation she moved to Chicago and joined a downtown Michigan Avenue advertising agency.  After several years in account and creative management, Meredith opened her own marketing and design firm serving large accounts such as Motorola, AT&T and the Chicago Symphony.

It wasn’t until personal tragedy struck nearly a decade later that Meredith, forced now to look at life in a new way, made a surprising discovery - a talent for the fine arts.  First done simply as a form of therapy, her art quickly gained recognition in the art world in museum and gallery shows.  Meredith is now a full-time, award winning professional artist.    Her work is in private and corporate collections throughout the world.   

The River’s End Gallery discovered Meredith at an art show and purchased a number of her works so that Wisconsin art lovers could enjoy her work.


Meredith Kuntzsch

Noble Tree