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Michael Hirschmann's  Gallery 

Michael RT Hirschmann has studied glassblowing under some of the best glass artists here in the United States. Jerry Catania, George Jercich, Ed Francis, Wes Hunting and Edward Schmidt to name a few. His artistic education took place at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL), Water Street Glassworks (Benton Harbor, MI), Ox-Bow School of Art and Artistsí Residency (Saugatuck, MI), Chicago Hot Glass (Chicago, IL), Palapas (Palm Springs, CA) and JLH Glass (Cathedral City, CA). Michael was first exposed to glass while in Italy. Seeing first hand as the masters created works of art from molten glass proved to be all the inspiration needed for Mike to develop this medium for his creative passion.

Michael mostly creates functional art in the form of blown glass vases, bowls, plates and glasses but also creates sculptural objects of beauty. Using basic elements of the earth in combination with heat allows him to form color patterns and shapes both pleasing to the eye and functional to the touch.


Art By Fire Glassworks
Michael RT Hirschmann

In Michael's own words

When I look at the bright orange glow of the molten glass I am mesmerized as if I were looking at flames lick around a log in a campfire.  I shape this liquid glass into sculptural and blown vessels.  It is my passion to intermix the color pallet, swirling, twisting, layering, cutting and pulling to create the intricate patterns that you see in my work. 

As an artist when I create an object that evokes an emotion or thought I feel my artistic mission has been accomplished.  Creating works of art that find their way into homes as a treasured piece fulfills my sense of purpose. 

Working in glass has two very distinct elements.  There is the artistic side where form, flow, shape, design, texture and color reign supreme.  This is offset with the technical aspects of thermal dynamics.  How fast and how much heat will the cobalt blue absorb and retain while the white color hasnít even become warm.  The coordinated dance between orchestrating the perfect heat while maintaining the creative endeavor is the challenge.  I accept this and work toward balance in this harmonious dance.  Each time I pick up a blowpipe I set off on a mission to create, evoke a reaction and to fulfill my sense of being.


A Golden Swirl

Colors of Klimt

Forever Flowers

Intersection of Lines


Olein Blue

Plum Loco

Speckled and Wrapped

Tall Silver and Blue


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