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Phyllis Toburen's Gallery

Phyllis Toburen earned her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin. She became a couture fashion designer, creating uniquely embellished evening gowns, but eventually moved on to painting. Her work currently is its own genre of abstract art which she calls Sculptural Enamel Painting.

Various areas lift off the canvas or glass in planes much the same as the Earth as it formed during various geological phases. Cracking, cleaving crevasses appear and colors rise to the surface, darken, crack and shrink. As an area becomes brittle, Toburen decides when to arrest the process to preserve the beauty in time. The process can be impeded but not totally stopped. Small subtle changes will be detected forever.

A clear colorless UV coating covers the contours of a Sculptural Enamel Painting or Glass piece to allow the viewer to lightly touch.
Toburenís pieces are sculptural, multi-media and even architectural. Original, dynamic, tactile, nuanced are just a few ways one can describe Toburenís sensual work.

Across The Universe

Delta Lady Detail

Stairway To Heaven


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