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Wizard of Clay's Gallery

Meet the Artist


“Wizard of Clay”
Jim and Jamie Kozlowski 

Wizard of Clay Pottery studio is run by the father and son team, Jim and Jamie Kozlowski in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York. They use more than 100,000 pounds of clay each year, handcrafting each piece. Combining function with aesthetics, Wizard of Clay is a showcase for magical crystalline glazed and Bristoleaf pottery, the Wizards’ unique trademarked pieces.

Jim and Jamie’s crystalline glazes are truly magical. Each piece is jewel-like and always a joyful surprise. The beautiful forms and delicious colors of blooming crystals reflect light and inspire an imaginative journey. Crystalline glaze is a glass surface on high fire porcelain. It is composed primarily of zinc, silica, and an ingredient called flux which allows the other elements to melt. During a firing, actual zinc crystals form in the glaze, but those crystals rarely occur in nature.

Many things affect the size, shape and color of crystals: glaze formulas, clay formulas, metallic elements that provide color, the rate of the rise and fall of kiln temperature, the length of the soak at crystal growing temperatures, the glaze application process and the purity of the chemical elements. It is impossible to predict the size of the crystals or where they will grow. Each time the kiln is opened, it is a surprise. Each piece is a one of a kind treasure.

Brown & Gold Crystalline

Crystalline Urns

by Jamie Kozlowski



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